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Septic Tank Services and Septic Systems Design in Arlington WI

Arlington Hardware excels at septic tank maintenance and septic system design. Our years of practical experience and the design of countless septic systems means we have worked with just about every situation imaginable.

From the first perc test to the final grading after a septic tank is installed, Arlington Hardware ensures the right system is installed and prepared for many years of trouble free service. We have assisted homes, schools and businesses with wastewater management, developing septic systems to manage various volumes depending on need.

Septic Systems Design and Septic Tank Services

We offer an extensive list of services to our customers. From septic tank maintenance to installation, our goal is to keep the septic systems operating at full capacity. We normally do not keep you waiting when designing a septic tank, but you can always get portable toilets if you think it could be a good investment.

When your septic tank needs a septic pumping service, cleaning, maintenance, or repair we have experience with a wide variety of septic systems, ensuring any potential issue can be properly identified and repaired before larger problems evolve. Our services include –

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnosing Septic System Problems
  • Septic Tank Repair and system maintenance
  • Drain Field Design and Septic Tank Installation.
  • Perc Testing

Septic Systems Problems in Lodi, Poynette, Arlington WI

If you are experiencing problems with your septic tank or system, there could be a number of issues. Please review the information below for some insight about septic systems and common problems.

Remember, if the wastewater cannot soak into the soil under the drainfield bed, sewage may back up into the system creating two distinct symptoms

  • Wastewater puddling on the ground, or…
  • Sewage backing up into the house.

After flushing the toilet, if the water does not go down, or you hear a blup-blup-blup sound – this is telling you the tank or drainfield is not accepting water. A clue to what is happening is grass will get greener and taller than the rest of your yard when the wastewater can no longer drain thru the pipe, rock, or sand. This is because the water will begin to push to the top of the drainfield and begin to puddle at the surface.

Possible Causes –

  • Poor Soil Conditions – A septic system placed in unsuitable soil for the flow generated from a house.
  • Excessive Water Usage – A septic system designed too small for the house it serves or too small for the water generated from the house. If sludge or scum is allowed to escape out of the septic tank and enter the drainfield, the pipe, rock, or sand may become clogged. If this happens the liquid will not be absorbed into the sand. This common problem is caused by a failure to have the septic tank regularly pumped out. It is also important to note that, over the normal operating life of a septic system, this clogging will naturally occur and can eventually degrade a system. Again, regular pump outs are the best preventative service that can be performed.
  • High Water Table and Septic System Failures – During wet or abnormally wet seasons, groundwater may rise into a drainfield and force sewage to the surface. This is caused by an error in design or sometimes by a significant change in the surrounding landscape.
  • Roots and Clogging of Septic System Failures – The roots of trees and bushes planted too close to the septic tank can sometimes enter and block the pipes of the system.
  • Physical Damage to Septic System Components Causing Septic Failures – cars, trucks or heavy equipment passing over any portion of the system can damage pipes, septic tank or other portions of the septic system causing a malfunction.

Arlington Hardware knows how important a well-functioning septic tank is. Our committed professionals want to ensure the septic systems we design and install minimize or eliminate the common problems.

Call us – 608-635-4305 – if you have any questions or problems. Let us show you why we are considered to be the leading septic systems designers and septic tank repair Company in the Arlington WI.

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